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Warm Dog Clothes: Do They Really Help With the Cold?

By December 15, 2020Pet Care
CVETS - Warm Dog Clothes Do They Really Help With the Cold

It’s common to see dogs parading around in coats, sweaters, and even booties in the cold months. But, does dressing up your dog in a fancy piece of clothing actually help keep him warm, or is it more of a fashion faux paw? If you are thinking of putting your pooch in a parka, let’s take a look at whether warm dog clothes are really necessary. 

Won’t My Dog’s Natural Coat Keep Him Warm?

You need to consider what type of natural coat your dog has. If you have a canine with dense fur, like a malamute or a huskie, adding an extra layer is unnecessary and may even make him uncomfortably warm. On the other hand, a terrier mix with finer hair or a breed with very short hair (think pug or whippet) will appreciate a warm sweater on cold winter days. If you have a dog without much belly hair, he won’t enjoy walking through a snowdrift. Warm dog clothes, such as a nice fleece coat that wraps around his tummy, will keep his core nice and cozy.

Small Dogs Need Protection

Toy breeds need extra insulation to keep warm. And, there’s nothing wrong with how cute they will look! If your pooch is small with a thin coat and little body fat, buy him a cute sweater. If you keep your heat on low in your home, get your dog some warm dog clothes in the form of pajamas for indoors. Yes, it’s ok to invest in those matching family pj sets for you and your pet! Plus, your kids will be delighted! Also, make sure your dog has some warm blankets to snuggle up in at night. 

Senior Dogs Need Warm Dog Clothes

Just like aging humans, senior dogs often have a hard time producing and retaining enough body heat, so a thick woolly sweater can add some needed extra warmth and comfort. A coat or a parka will enable your older dog to spend less time curled up and dozing inside and more hours enjoying the great outdoors even when the temperature drops.

Suit Up Your Dog According to His Needs

How does your dog tend to behave in winter? Does he shiver a lot when he’s outside (or even inside)? Is he reluctant to go out into the cold to take care of his business? If your canine has to be dragged outside, then put him in a warm coat. Like people, dogs can get depressed during the less sunny and shorter days of winter, so a cozy sweater can mean he still gets some exercise and fresh air. It’s good for his physical and mental well being.

Warm dog clothes can help get your best friend safely through the winter. However, if he gets involved in a cold-weather emergency in our area, bring him to CVETS. However, we only take emergency cases – please see your regular vet for routine care.