Veterinary Pharmacy and Lab Technician

We believe in providing exceptional client services and ensuring personal job fulfillment for our staff. Come join a team that fosters career growth and work/life balance.


CVETS, Columbia Veterinary Emergency Trauma & Specialty, is a new specialty/ER hospital in need of experienced technicians. Our 9000-square-foot facility opened in May of 2018 and is growing rapidly. The facility includes a dedicated ICU, multiple operating rooms, a radiology suite, dedicated facilities for endoscopy, chemotherapy administration and special procedures, ultrasound, a 16-slice CT scan, on-site MRI, and multiple specialists (24-hour emergency, internal medicine, ophthalmology, surgery, and radiology). The hospital is located on the northeast side of Columbia an area that is rapidly growing and was not previously serviced by specialty care.


We are seeking Veterinary Pharmacy and Lab Technicians who are interested in being on the ground floor of a progressive and rapidly developing Specialty Referral Emergency Hospital. Candidates interested in working in a non-corporate environment that is flexible and motivated to grow a department and hospital are encouraged to apply. We value the positive impact that each team member brings to our culture.

Position Title: Veterinary Pharmacy and Lab Technician

Status: Full-time, Benefits Eligible

Education Requirements: High School Diploma or equivalent

Experience Requirement: 1-year experience preferred

Licensure: Licensed Pharmacy Technician or Licensed Veterinary Technician preferred

Supervisor: Director of Nursing

Position Summary:

 As a Veterinary Pharmacy Technician with CVETS, your primary responsibility is to support the hospital and staff in the attainment of its mission. Each team member must understand and perform the duties of the position and uphold the expectations of the team to support a positive work environment. The culture of teamwork, integrity, positive attitude, and resilience allows each team member to thrive and feel appreciated and valued.

Key Individual Responsibilities:

  • Arrive to work ready to begin at least 5 minutes prior to the start of each shift.
  • Participate in continuing education programs with at least ten (10) credit hours in approved lectures/forums per year.
  • Responsible work ethic including working with others, working independently, and prioritizing with leadership quality patient care and focus.
  • The ability to lift objects of at least 50 lbs.
  • The responsibility to ask questions when unsure before acting to minimize error.
  • The ability to demonstrate leadership qualities while maintaining harmonious interpersonal relations with the team.
  • Adaptability to the various styles of doctors and other team members to maximize team efforts.
  • The ability to provide exceptional client service and patient care.
  • The ability to work and interact professionally across departments and with external clients representing CVETS with the highest level of teamwork and solution-driven thinking.
  • The ability to demonstrate emotional maturity during high-stress situations.

Principle Duties and Responsibilities:

  • In support of the treatment and care of hospital patients:
    • Filling medications for all hospitalized patients and appointments according to doctors’ orders.
    • Contacting outside pharmacies to give prescription information as needed.
    • Contacting clients when requested medications are ready and/or ensuring that proper patient education on medication delivery and administration has taken place and is documented.
    • Answering client questions regarding medications in conjunction with DVM ordering medication.
    • Keeping an inventory of accurate medication counts including control medication accountability practice, list of medication ordering needs, and proper medication storage (i.e., temperature and expiration date monitoring).
    • Complete in-house lab work and accurately document results in patient records.
  • Identify issues and opportunities proactively with a resolution focus.
  • Supports team effort to realize goals; including assisting with patient care needs as required by the hospital team for effective patient management.
  • Follows all expectations outline in the team member handbook and safety guidelines.
  • Utilizes equipment safely and reports equipment malfunction or defect quickly.
  • Is dependable and reliable in work performance and attendance.
  • Other duties as assigned.
  • Ability to learn all laboratory equipment, Practice Management Software, Smartflow, and any other systems that are implemented.

Application Form

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