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Thinking about a Ferret as a pet?

By February 29, 2020Pet Care

Ferrets make fantastic pets for the right household. These are particularly great companions for smaller dwellings or homes, but make sure that you have space for a cage to contain your new pet. The cage should be safe, secure, and measure at least 3’ wide x 2’ high to contain a growing ferret.

Thinking about a Ferret as a pet? Here’s what you should know:


Ferrets like to sleep in private, confined spaces, and hammocks or fabric huts work well for sleeping. Use clean towels or small baby blankets, but make sure that whatever you provide doesn’t unravel as your ferret may try to eat it. Also, never use wood chips or newspaper for bedding as it causes breathing problems. Keep their food and water in their cage but use sturdy containers that won’t tip over as ferrets will try to knock them over; look for styles that attach to the cage. Keep the cage and bed out of drafts or damp areas.

Don’t be alarmed: your ferret may snooze 18 or more hours per day. It can be very difficult to wake a young ferret that is sleeping and they may seem comatose- or even dead. Check their breathing and don’t get worried when they shiver and shake upon waking; it is a normal behavior for ferrets. 


Ferrets eat meat and have a high metabolism, so they like to eat often. Provide a diet that is high in protein and fat- meat based- including a good quality ferret food or cat kibble. Make sure they have plenty of fresh water as they can become dehydrated easily. Too much plant protein can cause bladder stones in ferrets. Avoid sugar as it can cause disease and keep treats to a minimum. More than 5% of your pet’s daily intake in treats can make a ferret become malnourished and sick.


If your ferret is under the weather, consider giving them meat-based baby food until they feel better. Serve the food warm with a spoon, syringe, or your fingers. Consult with your veterinarian for medical advice regarding your pet’s illness.


Despite the fact that ferrets sleep most of the time, they do enjoy exercise. Ferrets are energetic animals that get bored; they need at least a couple hours outside their cage exploring and playing to be healthy and happy. Make sure they have access to food, water, and their bed during the time that you let them out by leaving the door to their cage or crate open.

Ferrets are frequently compared to kittens in that they are very curious, active, and playful. They are sociable and can be taught numerous tricks or commands. Teach them to use a litterbox as ferrets are indoor pets. Ferrets do not have a good sense of direction and can easily become lost if they wander outside.  

Make Sure They Are Well Taken Care Of

Thinking about adding a ferret to your family? Ferrets are amazing companions and pets; are they a good fit for your household? Make sure to provide veterinary care for your new furry friend at CVETS. We are a brand new, state of the art Emergency Vet and Surgery center in Columbia, SC. We look forward to meeting you and your new pet!