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Think Again Before You Toss Your Dog People Food

By December 11, 2018Pet Care, Pet Health
Think Again Before You Toss Your Dog People Food

It is not uncommon to want to give your dog people food; in fact, many owners may find that people food is the healthier, kinder option for their beloved pets. The truth is, there are many foods that are harmful to your dog and that can cause medical complications, even death. Before incorporating people food into your dog’s diet, know the risks:

Watch the seasoning

┬áSpices and seasonings that you use in your own food are not good for your dog; for instance, large amounts of onion, chive, shallot, or garlic are bad for your pet. Keep these foods out of your dog’s reach.

Fatty foods cause problems

Fatty, fried foods can cause pancreatitis in your pet, which can be life-threatening. It is best not to give your dog these foods- no matter how much they may beg.

Cook it, first

There is a misconception that it is okay to give dogs raw meat, like hamburger. Giving dogs raw meat exposes them to possible E. coli and Salmonella. Cook any meat and always wash your hands when handling raw meat and then giving your dog treats to avoid putting your pet at risk.

Awe, nuts

Don’t ever give your furry friend Macadamia nuts, as these are harmful for dogs.

Watch the salt

An excess of salty foods and snacks, like pretzels or potato chips, can make pets ill. Make sure to provide plenty of water to pets that do enjoy occasional salty treats.

Not all fruit is good for dogs

There are many fruits, like bananas and sweet potatoes, that are good for your pet. But there are also some that can cause kidney damage, like grapes, raisins, and currants. Also, core and peel fruits like apples before giving them to your pet to prevent a risk of choking on the skin, seeds, or core.

Read the labels

Read labels carefully before sharing people food and treats with your pet. While you may realize that chocolate is a harmful, toxic food for dogs, did you know that many sugar-free foods are, too? A common substitute for sugar, Xylitol, is being found more widely, in a range of foods and beverages, like sugar-free candy and nut butter. This sugar substitute is very toxic to dogs and can cause death. Read food labels to keep your pet safe.

Never give a pet spoiled or moldy food

Never, ever give your pet spoiled, old, or moldy foods. If you dispose of these foods, make sure that your pet is unable to access them at all.

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