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Summer with dogs

The Dog Days of Summer: Have Fun with your Pet

By Pet Care

Make this a season to remember with some ideas for summer fun that involve your pet, particularly if you have a dog. Imagine the life of your pet: do they experience much fun? Take time to consider fun for pets when the weather gets warm and the days are long. Got a dog? Get out and have some fun this…

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7 Helpful Tips to Prevent Dog Chewing

By Pet Behavior, Pet Care

You’re about to go for a walk, and you’re looking for your favorite pair of sneakers. You can only find one shoe in its usual place, and you discover its mate under the kitchen table well and truly chewed up by your dog.  What can you do to prevent this happening again? If your canine friend is a champion at…

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Safe Dog Treats for Your Dog’s Christmas Stocking

Safe Dog Treats for Your Dog’s Christmas Stocking

By Pet Care, Pet Health

We get many treats for the holidays, so why shouldn’t your dog? The best dog treats are not leftovers from your holiday feast. Instead, keep your canine friend both happy and healthy with treats made especially for him. Think about homemade treats for your dog that can also serve as gifts for other family canines – your gran-dogs or your furry…

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