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How Does My Dog Know When I’m Going on Vacation?

By Pet Behavior

Dogs are loving and insightful animals. When you’re feeling blue, your dog will jump up on your lap and smother you with wet kisses. Your dog can sense how you are feeling, and instinctively knows that you are about to come through the front door. So, it’s not surprising that your dog also has the savvy to understand the signs…

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Summer with dogs

The Dog Days of Summer: Have Fun with your Pet

By Pet Care

Make this a season to remember with some ideas for summer fun that involve your pet, particularly if you have a dog. Imagine the life of your pet: do they experience much fun? Take time to consider fun for pets when the weather gets warm and the days are long. Got a dog? Get out and have some fun this…

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Puppy and Child

Getting Your First Dog – New Owner Guide

By Pet Care

The idea of adding a dog to your family can be very exciting. You know from your friends who have dogs that these pets provide constant and loyal companionship and bring a lot of joy to daily life. However, having a dog is a major commitment, and you should really think through the implications. Your new canine friend will be…

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