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Small Spaces, Small Children, Small Pet?

By August 7, 2020November 5th, 2020Pet Behavior

Is your child ready for the responsibility of a pet? Even if your kids are small, you can still foster care and compassion for family pets. Worried that your space might be too small? There are many different pets that thrive well in these living situations.

Small home? Small kids? Here are some suggestions for the perfect pet:


When it comes to indoor pets, cats are a great option, and even better for homes with children. Cats have been known to help with social skills and trauma among kids, as well as helping to lower the propensity for allergies later-on in children. Cats are quiet, independent, and non-demanding for the most part. Cats work well in smaller spaces and require very little maintenance, typically costing less than dogs. There are so many unwanted cats that need good homes; consider adopting a kitten or cat!

Small Pets

When you think about choosing a pet, what about smaller, furry friends? Hamsters, gerbils, and guinea pigs make excellent pets for children and they do not take up much room! These pets acclimate to being handled and provide hours of enjoyment and interaction for young kids. These pets are relatively cheap to maintain and house. If you want something a bit less conventional, consider rabbits, chinchillas, or hedgehogs, too. Rabbits require a little outdoor space for their hutch unless you are planning to keep them inside.


Perhaps the most common pet for smaller living situations is an aquarium or fish-tank. For even less space, get a beta fish in a beautiful glass bowl. Children do well with fish and it helps teach responsibility by feeding them daily and cleaning the tank. When you are considering fish, get the tank ready first, then shop for fish. Skip the goldfish as they get too big to be pragmatic in smaller homes and know that fresh-water fish are cheaper than saltwater or tropical fish. Make sure to ask the pet store or vendor if the fish thrive in schools or do better alone before buying.


It is true that a dog is man’s best friend and, quite often, a child’s best friend, too. Even if you live in smaller quarters, it could be practical to adopt smaller breeds of dogs. Some dogs that do well with kids include poodles, beagles, poms, Maltese, French bulldog-  but know that the smaller the dog, the greater the risk of injury especially around kids so teach them about responsible practices with the new pet.

Make sure that you are ready for the commitment of any pet at all before adopting one- and that you have the whole family on-board. There is an expression that it takes a village to raise a child: the same is true for pets. When the entire family is enthusiastic about the new pet, the transition is smoother. Plus, the work involved in having pets can be shared and delegated.

Thinking about a new pet? Be sure to line up your veterinarian for wellness visits. And for any emergency or specialty care needs in or near Columbia, SC, visit or call CVETS , a brand new, state of the art Emergency Vet and Surgery center.