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Should We Get a Rescued Pet?

By August 21, 2020November 5th, 2020Pet Behavior, Pet Care

Adopting a pet is a big commitment- but one that can be rewarding and life-changing. When it comes to bringing home a dog or cat for the family, always consider rescuing an animal rather than purchasing one. With millions of unwanted animals taking up space in shelters across the country, giving a home to these pets seems like the most compassionate and sensible thing to do.

Planning to adopt a pet? Here are some reasons why it is the right thing to do:

Life Saving

Know that when you adopt an animal from a shelter or a rescue, you are saving an animal’s life. It is estimated that over six million companion pets– dogs and cats- are relinquished to shelters in the US each year. Rescuing one animal may seem insignificant but in the life of the adopted pet, it is life changing.


Rescuing a pet has distinct benefits for the potential owner as well since pets are therapeutic. Think about how dogs and cats are used in pet therapy; they can help alleviate anxiety and depression, as well as help notify owners of seizures, or provide assistance during other medical incidents.


You may want to think twice before buying a dog from a puppy mill or an ad online. Shelter pets are cheaper to adopt and it can be difficult to verify whether an online seller is ethical. It’s also hard to know who may be selling sick animals or keeping them in subpar conditions. 


Rescued pets are often trained and easier to acclimate into a household since they have lived in other families or homes prior. You can request older pets that are housebroken and that deserve a chance at a good life in a new home.


By adopting from a local shelter or animal rescue, your donation and adoption fees help the shelter maintain its mission and stay in operation. If money is an obstacle to adoption, talk with staff; sometimes, there are pets with reduced adoption fees that have been in the shelter for a long time or there may be special reduced rates during times when they are at full capacity.


Finally, it simply feels good to give a pet a second chance at living a good life. Caring and nurturing a pet gives a sense of purpose and unconditional love that many humans lack. Pets can make perfect companions for seniors- just make sure that the senior wants a pet and is able to take care and afford the addition to their household.

Adopting a pet? Make sure to schedule a wellness visit and exam with your local vet. And for emergency and specialty care, contact CVETS, a brand new, state of the art Emergency Vet and Surgery center in Columbia, SC. Call to schedule an appointment today!