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Four Reasons to Consider Spaying or Neutering Your Dog

By March 15, 2019March 19th, 2019Pet Behavior, Pet Care, Pet Health
Four Reasons to Spay or Neuter

Getting your dog spayed or neutered is something that every owner is encouraged to do, but what are the reasons behind the urgency to spay or neuter? Actually, there are compelling reasons that make it the only practical and responsible choice for conscientious owners.

Four reasons to spay or neuter your dog:

It reduces the risk of cancer.

Did you know that spaying or neutering your pet can reduce the risk of certain kinds of cancers? Altering a male prevents some prostate problems and altering females prevents ovarian cancer. Think of altering your dog as being an integral component of preventative health care.

Male dogs won’t roam or runaway as often.

Keep your male puppy home by getting him neutered. An altered male won’t roam or run off as much, which keeps them much safer.

It’s cheaper.

Spaying or neutering costs much less than caring for a litter, even a small one. Think about all the costs associated with pet ownership; now multiply this by the number of puppies that your dog has. Furthermore, if you are thinking about making a profit from your litter, think again; regulatory agencies are cracking down on this to prevent overpopulation and unwanted pets. Depending on where you live, you could face fines and legal issues.

It is socially responsible.

By having your dog spayed or neutered, you are not contributing to the millions of dogs in shelters and on the streets. Pet overpopulation is a serious and tragic problem; it is estimated that 670,000 dogs in shelters are euthanized each year, according to the ASPCA. Don’t add to this social crisis.

If money is preventing you from being able to spay or neuter your pet, talk to your veterinary provider to find out more about clinics, grants, and programs offered that may defray some of the costs associated with the procedure. Also, check out local animal shelters or humane societies for discounted rates on spaying or neutering as a means of cutting down on pet overpopulation.

Ready to spay or neuter your dog? Come see us at CVETS  for brand new, state of the art Emergency Vet and Surgery services in Columbia, SC. Don’t delay; spaying or neutering your dog is key in keeping them healthy and safe.