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Prepare to Care for Your New Kitten with This Checklist

By January 3, 2019Pet Care
Prepare to Care for Your New Kitten with This Checklist

Planning to add a New Kitten to your household or family? Make sure that you are ready for this commitment by investing in the items that you need to help your kitten thrive and grow.

What an exciting time! Prepare for your new furry family member and make sure that you have everything on this kitten checklist:

A vet.

The first thing to do when you decide to adopt a new kitten is to find a vet for an overall wellness exam. This is also how you will get heartworm preventative, de-wormer, and flea and tick treatment. Plus, you will want a familiar veterinary provider when it comes time to neuter or spay your pet later. Ideally, this creates a supportive continuum of care for your kitten throughout their lifespan.

Litter box and litter.

Whether your cat hangs inside or out, you will need a litter box and litter for the home. Indoor kitties are much safer and less likely to harm or kill wildlife, though outdoor cats are often useful in controlling pests, like mice. Invest in a box and empty it often, weekly if you have one cat and more often for more kitties. Try litter that is low-dust, as this dust can irritate your cat’s eyes and nose.


Your vet will have recommendations pertaining to a kitten formula food that is easily digested. Make sure to buy new bowls for water and kibble, and stainless steel is a good option. Buy bowls that are dishwasher-safe to help prevent bacteria.


Naturally, your New Kitten will want some toys to play with. Only give your kitten toys and items designed for cats, as other types of play-things could be a choking hazard. Entertain and exercise your cat through play or you risk a bored kitty that could display destructive behaviors.


Buy your new friend a bed and soft bedding to call their own. This should be positioned in a spot that offers some privacy and security.


Make sure to buy some kitten-approved treats to reward your kitty for good behaviors. This may help reinforce positive behaviors, like using the litter box.

A carrier.

Start looking for a decent pet carrier, as you will need this when transporting your cat to veterinary appointments – or anywhere that you go.


Collar with tags. You will need a collar for your kitten with a tag to identify them if they become lost or wander from home.

Help control the pet population by making your pets appointment for spaying or neutering as close to six months of age as possible. Also, whenever possible, adopt your kitten from a local shelter or rescue. Typically, these venues provide wellness exams at the time of adoption and you can follow up with your own vet later.

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