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My Puppy Won’t Stop Crying

By February 15, 2020Pet Behavior

Puppy training can be tough, especially when you are trying to adjust new pups to your family. It is natural for a new puppy to cry or whine as they adapt to their new environment; try to be patient and calm during this phase. Crate training, in particular, may seem frustrating with your puppy but know that the efforts will pay off later on.  

If your puppy won’t stop crying, consider the following training tips:

Provide Reassurance

Dogs are companion pets and, as such, long for their humans. They also like to hide away in dens, to sleep or in times of stress which is why it is important to provide them with their own den, of sorts. A crate should be warm and inviting, not used as punishment when your puppy does something wrong. Begin training your puppy to sleep and nap in their crate, which is a powerful first step toward housebreaking your new addition.  

Be Consistent with Training

Consistency is everything. If you overreact when your dog cries or tend to every whimper, they will learn that crying gets your attention. Let them self-soothe and foster independence in your puppy.

Give Plenty of Attention

Your puppy may also start whining if they feel neglected or ignored; do you leave them for extended periods of time? If you leave your puppy alone while working, consider hiring a pet sitter or taking them to puppy daycare. It can help them get over separation anxiety.

Create Comfort in the Crate

Keep your puppy’s crate in a part of the home that is warm and comfortable. Put a comfy pet bed, blanket, and other creature comforts in the crate so that the puppy learns to enjoy and relax inside.  The crate should be big enough for your pet to stand and walk around.

Take a Walk Before Bed

Dogs and puppies are more compliant with training commands when they aren’t full of energy. Help get rid of the energy that could contribute to keeping them up at night in their crate with a nightly walk before bed. This is also the time for them to go to the bathroom before returning to their crate for the night.

Try a Toy

Finally, if your dog continues to whine or cry in their crate at night, provide them with a treat or toy to distract them. This is not to say that you should reward the behavior, but rather give them something to focus on and occupy their attention. It is important to let them cry for a little bit and learn to self-soothe so that they can settle down on their own later.

Is your puppy constantly crying? Rule out an underlying medical issue by bringing your puppy to CVETS, a brand new, state of the art Emergency Vet and Surgery center in Columbia, SC. Know that your puppy is adjusting to their new environment, so be patient and consistent in your training.