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How to Prepare Your Pet Sitter

By June 19, 2020Pet Care
CVETS How to Prepare Your Petsitter

You know that you can’t smuggle your pet into your luggage and take him along on every trip. There are times when you have to leave your pet in the care of a pet sitter. You might be relying on a family member or a friend or hiring someone who does pet sitting part-time. Whomever you choose, here’s what to do to ensure your pet will be well looked after. 

Write Everything Down

Recalling the details of any conversation can be a challenge, so don’t just rely on a ten-minute chat with your sitter about your pet’s needs. And, avoid leaving post-its stuck here and there in your home ready to fall off. Instead, take the time to write down every detail of your pet’s care. This will take the pressure off your pet sitter and leave nothing to chance. 

Help Your Sitter Stick to Your Pet’s Schedule

Pets are similar to many people – they like their usual routines. Just try serving your cat’s dinner twenty minutes late one day! If you have dogs, here’s a scenario:

Riley and Maggie go for short walks around 7:30 a.m. to take care of business. They then get breakfast, and Riley gets his crushed pill in his food – he has to be checked to ensure he doesn’t eat around the med. After a short grooming session, they settle in for a morning nap. If things are done out of order, Maggie will fix you with a hard stare … trying to decide whether or not you’ve lost your mind! 

If your pets’ routines can be kept as consistent as possible, it will help to relieve their anxiety about your absence.

Provide a Personality Profile

You know that your pets have their unique personalities and things they like and don’t like. Riley, for example, is a cuddler. After dinner, this handsome golden boy does his best puppy trick with his eyes until you invite him up on the sofa for some snuggling. On the other hand, Maggie believes people are put on this planet to feed her, walk her, and rub her belly, but only when she lets you know she’s interested. 

Let Your Sitter Know the Rules

Just like your kids, dogs will test whether the rules still apply if you’re not there. Make sure your pet sitter knows if your pup is allowed to share scraps from the table, curl up on the couch, or sleep in your bed. Maggie will try to convince any sitter that she gets fed three times a day!

Don’t Make a Fuss

Though you don’t look forward to leaving your pet behind, your pet will sense if you are fighting back tears and will become anxious. Before you depart, take a short walk with your dog or play a game of fetch. Indulge in a brief purr festival with your cat. Then keep leaving as casual as possible – pretend you are only going shopping. Hopefully, your pets will be having a snooze, and you can slip out without being noticed.

Provide Essential Information

Make sure your sitter knows where to contact you if the need arises. They also need the details of your vet in case there is a medical issue. In addition, your sitter should be aware of any medication that needs to be administered. 

  • If you reside in or near Columbia, SC, leave the address and phone number of CVETS in case an emergency situation arises. Your pet sitter should feel confident in bringing your pet to us.