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How Can I Keep My Cats From Fighting?

By July 21, 2020October 8th, 2020Pet Behavior

If you have more than one feline companion, you are likely accustomed to cat fights; but what can you do to stop them from fighting with one another? There are many reasons why your cats could be fighting so consider the cause before intervening.

Keep your cats from fighting with the following feline tips:

Get Them on a Schedule

Cats can act out and become territorial when they aren’t on a schedule. Invest in feeders that have a timer and that will provide food at the same time every day. Cats will focus on trying to figure out the schedule and supply chain, thus putting less energy into fighting.

Banish Boredom

One of the most common reasons for cats to fight is boredom. Make sure that you provide them with toys- balls, catnip toys, even wine corks- to engage them and help burn up some energy. Check out online vendors with unique cat toys to keep your felines from becoming bored.

Make Them Look for Something

Try puzzles to engage your cats and keep them from fighting. Hiding treats can focus all of their attention on figuring out how to access the reward. Talk to your vet or pet retailer to find puzzle-like games to engage your cats.  

Get Them Fixed

Many curious cat behaviors come down to whether your cat is fixed or not. When cats mature, they can become aggressive, usually around age three if you do not get them fixed. Having your cats spayed or neutered should resolve this problem.

Give Them More Attention

Are the cats trying to get your attention? Carve out a minimum of ten minutes each day to play, pet, and tease your cats- individually, but also give them some group time, too. Use toys and tire them out.  If they feel neglected, they could be acting out to get any kind of attention even if it is not positive.

They Could Be Jealous

Don’t rule out the fact that your cats are exhibiting jealousy and territorialism- which is normal. Time usually resolves this power struggle, but in some households, cats may never truly get along and the best thing that you can do is to try and keep them apart.

Don’t Get in the Middle

You should not try to break up and settle a fight among your cats; you could become injured. Prepare for fighting with a squirt gun of water or a can that contains pennies; give them a light spritz of water to break them up or shake the can of pennies to startle and break-up a cat fight.

If your cats continue to fight, speak to your veterinarian.  Rule out a serious underlying medical issue by paying attention to your cats and try to determine why they are acting out aggressively.  If your cat needs emergency care or surgery, bring her to CVETS, a brand new, state of the art Emergency Vet and Surgery center in Columbia, SC.