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Get your furry friends ready for warmer weather

By April 15, 2020April 16th, 2020Pet Care
warmer weather

With warm weather coming, pet owners should prepare for the season. Pets, like dogs, require special care during spring and summer due to the heat and seasonal activities that could present hazards and risks for pets. Make sure that your pet is prepared and ready to make the most of the season ahead; see your veterinarian in the Columbia area for a clean bill of health.

Get your furry friends ready for the warmer weather of summer with these tips:

Keep Them Cool

Remember that your dog can’t perspire like a human does, therefore they can become quite overheated in the sun and heat. Make sure that you provide shade for your pets when they do venture out and that you don’t over-exercise them on hot days. Provide plenty of water and shade during and after vigorous activity.

Secure the Screens

With warmer weather comes safety concerns regarding the windows in your home. When windows start getting opened in spring and summer, pets- particularly cats- may be unaware of the danger and actually fall from the window. Play it safe; close and secure all windows tightly.

Watch Them Around Water

Never allow your pets unsupervised near pools, ponds, or water; they can easily fall in and drown.  

Think Before You Leave Home

When you are heading out and taking your pet, take time to think about it: are you going someplace that is pet-friendly? Will they welcome your pet? Never leave your pet in a vehicle at any time of year, but in the summer, it can be a dangerously lethal mistake to make.  

Prevent Fleas and Ticks

Warm weather is the time when fleas and ticks are most prevalent. Make sure that you use flea and tick prevention for your pet; ask your veterinarian about once-monthly or longer treatments that will protect against heartworm and Lyme disease, too.

Keep Them Groomed

Keep your pet groomed in the summer to make sure they are comfortable and cool during hot weather. This is also a good time to identify any skin or coat issues, as well as look for signs of ticks.

Check Their Feet

Don’t forget that your pet is not wearing shoes when walking on hot asphalt, sidewalks, or surfaces in summer. Check the pads of their feet and touch the surface before expecting your pet to walk across.

It makes good sense to pay a visit to your vet each season, ideally, to ensure your pet has the things that it needs to cope and thrive. Wellness visits with your regular veterinarian also provide a key opportunity to identify any issues before they turn into health problems.

Looking for a brand new, state of the art Emergency Vet and Surgery in Columbia, SC? Call CVETS today to schedule your pet’s wellness visit and to learn more about preparing your furry friend for warm weather.