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Furry Friends: What if I don’t want a dog or cat?

By December 9, 2019January 2nd, 2020Pet Care

Looking for a pet? Some people simply don’t want a dog or cat due to many reasons including allergies, living arrangements, expenses, or personal preferences. However, this doesn’t mean that a furry friend is out of the question.

What if you don’t want a dog or a cat? Consider these alternative pet companions:

Gerbils and Hamsters

Hamsters and gerbils are excellent alternatives to dogs and cats. They are easy to care for and sociable. Hamsters like a diet of veggies and fruit and typically live 2-3 years; don’t mix species of hamsters, however, or they can become aggressive. Gerbils like to build tunnels and burrow; they have a similar diet as hamsters. They live to be a couple of years old and do best when adopted in pairs.

Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are sociable little creatures that hail from South America. They usually live to be around seven years old. Guinea pigs typically get along great with children.


Ferrets usually live to be 8-10 years old and require meat daily to thrive. Ferrets are energetic and social, tending to hang out in groups. Ferrets can thrive indoors or out.

Sugar Gliders

Sugar gliders come from Australia and Indonesia and enjoy sweet things, like fresh fruit, as well as insects. Sugar Gliders can live up to 15 years in captivity.

Chinchillas and Chipmunks

Chinchillas and chipmunks are some more options when a dog or cat will not do. Chinchillas are social so think about adopting in pairs. Hailing from South America, these furry friends tend to be a bit anxious and they like a diet that is low moisture, low fat, and high fiber. As for chipmunks, they enjoy a diet of nuts, berries, insects, and cereal. They are energetic and not great with small children. Chipmunks tend to live around three years in captivity.


Rabbits make a fantastic companion, thriving both outside and inside the home in certain climates. Rabbits are energetic and typically eat a diet of hay, grass, and veggies. You can expect a domesticated rabbit to live around 8-12 years.

Hedge Hogs

For a fun and unique companion, consider adopting hedgehogs. Hedgehogs eat fish, snakes, insects, and veggies, and they stay up all night as they are nocturnal. Hedgehogs live around three years and require a large cage to thrive. Be careful of the hedge hog’s sharp quills when giving them attention.

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