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Create a Safe Environment When Traveling by Car with Your Dog

By November 14, 2019Pet Care
Create a Safe Environment When Traveling by Car with Your Dog

Got a long trip or car ride ahead? If you plan to take your dog, make sure that you take measures to ensure a safe environment for your pet. Traveling by car can be scary for some dogs and may be a recipe for an unfortunate disaster that puts your pet’s wellbeing in jeopardy.

Use these tips to create a safe environment for your dog when traveling by car:

Comfort is Key

When it comes to a traveling dog, comfort is of the utmost importance. First, make sure the vehicle can accommodate the dog comfortably and is big enough for your pet and their gear. Always bring water, food, and home comforts that the dog may need along the way rather than rely on stores that may or may not have what you need. Preparedness and planning go a long way toward making the trip with your dog a smooth one.

Keep it Clean

Make sure to keep the car clean and tidy to prevent your dog from finding and eating something they shouldn’t. Trash or small objects could pose a choking hazard and subsequent emergency on the road.

Crate Them

Crating a dog in the car is simply the safest way to travel by car. It provides the dog with a peaceful sanctuary during the trip and it ensures they aren’t free to roam if a door is opened or there is an accident. Unfortunately, losing pets during travel by car is not uncommon; prevent a catastrophe by putting your dog in a crate until you reach your destination and supervising bathroom breaks vigilantly.

Keep it Chill

Try to keep a chill vibe and a relaxing atmosphere in the vehicle during the trip. This includes purposeful things like keeping the music low and your voices calm when talking on your phone or with other riders in the car.

Check the Collar

When planning your trip, make sure that you have a collar with current tags that fits your pet properly. Taking a pet away from familiar surroundings is exactly when you want them to be fitted with tags that identify the owner and provide a way to be reached.

Also, make sure to concentrate and drive safely to avoid accidents or issues along the way. Go out of your way to be a defensive and safe driver during your journey. Try not to let your pet distract you along the way and if there is an issue, pull over when it is safe to do so to address it.

Heading out on a trip with your dog? Visit a brand new, state of the art Emergency Vet and Surgery center in Columbia, SC, for a wellness visit first. Contact the veterinary staff at CVETS for your dog’s preventative treatment and emergency care. Use these tips to ensure your car ride is smooth and that your pet arrives safely at your destination, and home again.