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Can I get Insurance for My Pets?

By January 20, 2020Pet Care
dog and owner

It makes sense to consider insuring family members against health emergencies, but what about pets? Pet Insurance is an excellent buffer for crises, emergency care, and accidental injuries that can afflict dogs and cats during their lifetime. Pet health insurance typically helps cover the veterinary bill, ensuring your pet gets prompt, quality care quickly.

Consider these common questions related to pet insurance policies:

What Exactly Does Pet Insurance Cover?

Naturally, the answer to this question will vary based on the age of your pet, the coverage selected, and the carrier chosen. With an ever-growing range of policies becoming more widely available for dogs and cats across the US and Canada, consumers have more choices than ever before. Determine your budget and compare policies to find the best comprehensive coverage for your money, but make sure that it includes things like accident and illness coverage, preventative veterinary care, and advanced treatment coverage for costly diseases, like cancer.

What Pets are Eligible for Pet Insurance?

Typically, to qualify for pet insurance, your pet needs to meet a minimum age requirement. There are rarely limits on older dogs or cats in terms of qualifying for coverage, however, unlike health insurance coverage for humans. Simply go online or call your chosen pet insurance company website that you are interested in patronizing. You will need to fill out paperwork and disclose any current health issues your pet is living with. Some other coverage options include the amount of deductible; as with other insurance policies, the lower the deductible, the higher the insurance rates.

Where to Find Pet Insurance?

Finding pet insurance is easy but locating the right policy that covers your pet’s needs best requires thought and effort. There are a lot of companies offering insurance coverage, but it will take time to research and understand what each policy actually covers. Don’t buy insurance in haste that may not include things that you need, like prescriptions for your pet’s allergies or annual preventative veterinary appointments. Make a list of what you are looking for and shop around until you find it. Ask your veterinarian in Columbia, SC, for recommendations regarding carriers that they work with.

What Does Pet Insurance Cost?

The cost of your pet insurance rates will vary based on the policy itself and what it covers. Since a lot of factors go into determining what you will pay per month for coverage, it is impossible to be more specific than to say that rates range from $5-$100 per month, depending on policy. Some factors that play a role in costs include your pet’s breed, co-payments, deductible amount, age of your pet, and the geographic region that you live in.

Want to learn more about insuring your pet? Check out online sites and resources that provide a cost comparison among carriers. For preventative care and emergency treatment, visit CVETS  in Columbia, SC.  This brand new, state of the art Emergency Vet and Surgery center is equipped to provide comprehensive care and treatment, including specialized medicine and surgical procedures, for your dog or cat today.