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Best Pet If You Don’t Want a Dog or Cat

By September 7, 2020November 5th, 2020Pet Behavior

You like animals and want a pet, but for whatever reason, you don’t want a dog or a cat. Maybe you have a family member with allergies to these popular pets. However, it’s still possible to bring a cute little critter into your home. The first thing to consider is what kind of pet is the best pet for you and your family. Here are some ideas.


Are you looking for a pocket-sized, furry best pet who’s quiet, naps during the day, and loves to play hide and seek? Being tiny and full of energy makes hamsters good pet choices for children above eight years old who can play with them without causing harm. To keep a hamster happy, you need a comfy cage, cozy bedding, and gym equipment.


A rabbit can indeed make a wonderful best pet – for the right person. A rabbit can learn to respond to its name and easily adapt to using a litter box. This furry friend should never be confined to a small cage – a bunny needs room to run around and perform binkies (unique rabbit gymnastics!). And, this is a pet that is expert at getting over, under, around, or through barriers intended for confinement. Young children and rabbits do not mix. Children are naturally loving, which means holding and carrying an animal around – a behavior that makes rabbits feel insecure and scared. 


If you are attracted to a cute creature with incredibly soft, thick, and luxurious fur, then a chinchilla might be for you. This mountain native needs a tall multilevel cage with platforms, ramps, and perches for climbing. Also, keep in mind that it will take regular dust baths with fine chinchilla dust to keep your pet’s fur in top condition. 


With their colorful plumage and cheerful chatter, parakeets make wonderful pets. A parakeet needs plenty of room to climb and fly. They fly horizontally, so choose a cage with ample horizontal measurements. You’ll also need to keep your small bird’s little brain stimulated with toys and make sure there is plenty of time out of the cage. A parakeet loves to interact with humans, so you won’t ever be bored. And, your kid can teach your feathered friend to talk

Miniature Pigs

Mini pigs are sold when they are young (and still small!) and look so adorable you may be hard-pressed not to adopt one on impulse, even though you know it’s a pig! These porkers have become something of a fad but will only qualify as a best pet if you know exactly what you’ll be getting into. Pigs need a great deal of care and a lot of space. They are very smart and easily bond with people. Some experts claim they are easier to train than dogs

Your Best Pet and Children

Caring for a pet can teach children valuable life lessons. However, especially with younger children, the final responsibility for caring for any animal lies with the adults in the family. Pets are living individuals that require regular attention and care and their maintenance and wellbeing will mean continuous financial commitment.

  • If your pet is involved in any kind of emergency situation and you live in Columbia, SC, give CVETS a call. We may not be equipped to treat your unusual pet (who may require a specialist), but we can refer you to someone who can.