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Appease an Animal Lover with Funny Pet Gifts

By December 15, 2019December 23rd, 2019Pet Care

Give pet lovers something that reminds them of their furry friends: a pet gift. Pet gifts are fun and low-cost gifts for any season. Some examples of pet gifts include: 

Pet Portraits

If you want a gift that will be cherished for years to come, invest in a custom pet portrait for your animal lover. You may choose to capture the image of a current pet or to pay homage to someone’s pet that has passed.

Satirical Squeaky Toys

On a lighter note, consider giving satirical squeaky toys, such as plush politicians or current celebrities. More and more online stores are found that offer these types of distinctive items for pets, owners, and those who love them both.

Subscription Boxes

If you want to give a fun gift that continues to give, month after month, consider one of the many pet-themed subscriptions boxes for your recipients. These are tailored to your distinct pet, personal preferences, and budget, and typically arrive at your door on a monthly schedule. Generally, you are able to cancel your subscription service at any time.

Something to Snuggle

Another fun gift idea is something for your beloved pet to snuggle, like a plush toy with battery-operated vibration and ‘heartbeat’ to a cute cuddle hoodie that allows room for your pet in a front pocket. The theme here is the love between owner and pet.

Video Security

For a practical gift that still is fun, consider the many new video cams available to keep an eye on your pet. For instance, collar cams provide your pet’s eye-view of the surroundings; imagine watching the footage- on your cell phone- at the end of the day. Some other cameras offer pet reassurance and even occasional treats. These are great gifts that will serve an important purpose for any pet owner. 

Comical Crafts

If you really want to make someone laugh, give a gift that is ridiculous enough to be amazing. Some examples of this are unique cat hair crafts offered by online craftsmen or awkward pet photo coffee-table books, found at retailers widely.

Anxiety Relief

Anxiety isn’t any fun, therefore getting anxiety relief would be a great gift for a pet and their human. Check out the options online for compression garments for dogs and cats, primarily, that help ease their nervousness and reduce stress during storms, events, or anxiety-inducing situations.

Consider these suggestions when you want to give something to someone with pets this holiday season, or any time of the year. For state of the art Emergency Vet and Surgery in Columbia, SC, contact CVETS; we offer crisis care and preventative services for pet owners in the region. Call to learn more today.