Columbia's Full Service Veterinary Emergency Surgery and Specialty Center

Why Us?

A trip to a veterinary emergency and specialty hospital with your pet can be a stressful experience. The goal for our hospital and team is to provide a client and patient experience that is second to none. From building design and work flow to our caring staff, we go the extra mile to ensure you and your pet get timely care with a smile.

The CVETS Difference:

  • Emergency, Surgery And Specialty in One Facility
  • Pet First Design and Care Principles
  • 24/7/365 Emergency Care and Monitoring
  • Seamless Primary Vet Referrals
  • Covered Drive Thru
  • Feline Friendly Techniques
  • Fear Free Tactics
  • Comfortable Waiting Rooms
  • Extended Waiting Area
  • Fenced Outdoor Waiting
  • Intensive Care Unit
  • Smart Flow Patient Monitoring
  • Daily Status Updates
  • Our Technology is Smarter, Faster and More Efficient

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How to Introduce Your Cat to Your New Baby

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Bringing home a new baby is an exciting celebratory event. But, have you considered how the introduction of a new baby into your household will affect your cat? Some cats may find changes associated with the new arrival difficult to adjust to. Anxiety and stress may lead to some undesired behaviors, such as meowing or crying more often, urinating outside…

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Pets are Excellent Companions for Patients Recovering from Ailments

Pets are Excellent Companions for Patients Recovering from Ailments

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Researchers have been studying the impact of pet companions on overall health and wellbeing since the 1960s. Some documented benefits of pets and animal-assisted therapies are pain relief, improved mood, and lower blood-pressure- the list of advantages continues to grow. Pets are excellent companions for anyone- something to consider if you struggle with any of these conditions or issues: Stress…

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Tips for Keeping Your Dog's Nails Trimmed

Tips for Keeping Your Dog’s Nails Trimmed

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Does your dog hide under the table as soon as he spots those instruments of torture (aka clippers) in your hand? And, even if you manage to grab hold of him, does he turn into a squirmer or a drama queen and make your job twice as hard? However, in spite of such difficulties, clipping dog nails is important. Here…

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