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A trip to a veterinary emergency and specialty hospital with your pet can be a stressful experience. The goal for our hospital and team is to provide a client and patient experience that is second to none. From building design and work flow to our caring staff, we go the extra mile to ensure you and your pet get timely care with a smile.

The CVETS Difference:

  • Emergency, Surgery And Specialty in One Facility
  • Pet First Design and Care Principles
  • 24/7/365 Emergency Care and Monitoring
  • Seamless Primary Vet Referrals
  • Covered Drive Thru
  • Feline Friendly Techniques
  • Fear Free Tactics
  • Comfortable Waiting Rooms
  • Extended Waiting Area
  • Fenced Outdoor Waiting
  • Intensive Care Unit
  • Smart Flow Patient Monitoring
  • Daily Status Updates
  • Our Technology is Smarter, Faster and More Efficient

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Some Plants Can Make Your Cat Sick

Some Plants Can Make Your Cat Sick

By | Pet Emergency

As a cat owner, you know that your cat likes to chew on plants. This may seem strange because you also know that cats are primarily carnivores. It’s not really known for sure why cats do this, but it may be they need certain nutrients or fiber provided by plants. What is known, however, is that some plants will make…

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My Pet Swallowed Something Weird. Does It Need Pet Surgery?

My Pet Swallowed Something Weird. Does It Need Surgery?

By | Pet Emergency

Dogs and cats chew or swallow just about anything they can get in their mouths. Their reasons vary. Cats often find any kind of string irresistible. Many dogs love the smell of your dirty underwear and socks. Most of the time, pets regard a found object as something to play with and accidentally swallow it. Occasionally, your pet might be…

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